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“The level of service at Brothers and Sisters in Arms Dog Training is fantastic. I am a Desert Storm Veteran and have been suffering from PTSD and TBI for many years. I am consistently impressed by the professionalism of every member of this group you will come in contact with."

- Military Veteran & Alumni of Brothers and Sisters In Arms Dog Training

"As a veteran of two tours in Iraq, I have struggled since my last deployment with the nightmares, anxiety and hyper vigilance from being down range. It was very difficult to put myself in a situation where there were large amounts of people around or even keep from getting overwhelmed while driving. After flying air assault missions in combat for 18 months, I couldn't find a way to calm myself down. My struggles caused a wall between myself and my fellow Soldiers, even my family and wife. Last September, I was just at the point of giving up, I met Phil Ruddock and he told me about this program where they train dogs to counteract the effects of PTSD. With nothing to lose, I filled out an application and entered the program. The first dog Phil introduced me to, Journey, was a perfect match. Under Phil's guidance and mentorship, we attended the eight week training course, we passed the final evaluation and earned our handler and service dog identification cards. Phil and Journey have completely changed not only my life, but my family's as well. Without the efforts of Brothers and Sisters Dog Training, I wouldn't have been able to coach the post girls softball team this year or taken my wife on a cruise for Valentine's Day. Journey continues to provide the support and confidence that allow me to gain my life back one day at a time. I recently went fishing again for the first time in six years and Journey was right there with me. This organization is taking on the task shirked by so many by caring for the thousands of veterans just like me that are trying to regain normalcy after serving their country. I am eternally grateful for the work Phil does and pray for this cause every day."

- Jake Norotsky-US Army

"Brothers and Sisters in Arms Dog Training is among the highest recommended organization I have ever seen and worked with. Professionalism, integrity and definitely service before self! I will always love, represent and be thankful for my new Brothers and Sisters."

-Firefighter-Brothers and Sisters Alumni

"For me personally my service dog is the best thing to happen to me in the 15 1/2 years in the military. My service dog constantly makes me laugh, gives me support when I am in emotional need and he makes me more confident. I feel safe with him always watching my back. Thanks for all the time you spend with me and my service dog. Brothers and Sisters In Arms Dog Training you are the best I will always remember you guy's and all the effort and knowledge you bring to the wounded warriors and all the family members."

- U.S. Army Veteran Retired (2017)